The importance of literacy development

The importance of literacy development

Literacy is one of the 7 areas of learning in the EYFS framework and also has areas of development in the Montessori framework. Both of these frameworks are included in the eylog app.

Literacy fills so many parts of our life and we can involve our children with literacy activities at any age, from the shopping list, to a bedtime story.

However, literacy development is not exclusive to this area of learning and intertwines into other stages of development, such as Communication & Language, Understanding the World and Emotional & Social Development which provide opportunities to help with sleep, emotional awareness, and relationships and bonding.

Introducing literacy into a child’s life can start before birth, with much research being carried out about the benefits of talking to a baby in the womb. Babies’ hearing starts developing from about sixteen weeks and by 6 months of pregnancy a baby can hear music and voices, and recognise, learn and remember familiar voices! The concept of continuing to play the same songs or reading the same stories once a baby has been born and whether or not this has an influence on behaviour and patterns has also been discussed.

It is never too early to get into a routine of storytime, whether this is first thing in the morning, after lunch, or at bedtime. Reading aloud to babies and communicating with them about the world around them by talking helps introduce concepts and forge connections that will help them as they grow.

Whilst you are talking, reading and singing aloud with children you will naturally convey emotion and tone in your voice helps children develop an understanding of emotions and moods, and comprehend empathy.It also provides a wonderful opportunity to educate children on morals, behaviour and boundaries.  

Provide children with opportunities and resources – puppets, storyboard jigsaws/puzzles and role play,  to develop their own narrative and creativity to construct their own stories and songs. 

The Department of education published ‘The reading framework: teaching the foundations of literacy’ on 10th July 2021.

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