Summertime activity ideas

Summertime activity ideas

Holidays abroad may feel like a distant memory and just out of reach for most people this summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with summertime activities and enjoy the summer season. 

So what can we do during the warmer months?

Obviously drier, warmer days allow for more outdoor activities and play, so why not incorporate snack time as a picnic under the tree or circle time in fresh air.  

Chalking on the patio and a bucket of water and a paintbrush can provide creative opportunities that children love.  How can you incorporate Sensory play – how do things feel, smell, look, sound different in the summer??

Being outdoors also provides older children with the occasions to develop their independence and responsibility of applying their own suncream, taking socks and shoes on and off and also keeping their hat on – we all know how many times we say that!!

Here are some summertime related activities:  

  • Create your own version of Around the World in 80 days as a theme
  • Explore shapes and structures building sandcastles
  • Sports day
  • Show and tell of children’s holidays
  • Children bring in postcards and souvenirs 
  • Practice handwriting with children by drawing and writing their own postcards

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