Autumn activities ideas

Autumn activities ideas

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Autumn season is 22 Sept – 21 Dec, the season when the duration of daylight becomes noticeably shorter and the temperature cools considerably.  As the season progresses until the Winter Solstice in December (Northern Hemisphere),  day length decreases and night length increases.

So as the weather starts to shift, the nights draw in and the leaves change colour, Autumn is definitely here, and provides an excellent opportunity for group observations, themed activities and lots of fun and learning.

With eylog you can add multiple media to a single observation, enabling you to truly capture the story.  Observation sheet format can be customised to match your processes and the comprehensive sections allow staff to add activity analysis, assessments, next steps and notes to ensure a thorough observation. We also have a feature to mark an observation as ‘Spontaneous’ when you just want to capture an interesting moment to share with parents.

  • Conker and pinecone patterns
  • Use images of berries, squirrels, nuts and trees for counting and matching activities
  • Collect leaves and sticks when playing outside for sticking and collaging
  • Do wellie and leaf printing
  • Make large laminated cardboard leaves with holes punched around the edges can be used for lacing
  • Talk about hibernating animals
  • Learn about Harvest
  • Cut up Autumn vegetables for messy play and have some portions available for the children to taste. Pumpkin, squash, broccoli, carrots, leeks, cauliflower
  • Sing Autumn songs
  • Puddle jumping

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